Oxford Pharma is a dream child of Shri Sanjay Kumar has in depth knowledge and experience of pharma marketing. He started his career in pharma marketing at the base level some 25 years back and today he reached to a level of entrepreneur. He worked hard to reach to this position. he knows the health challenges faced by all sections of the society and decided to do maximum so that ailing humanity gets what it desires in terms of health and happiness.

Shri Sanjay Kumar

- Director

Our Services

Despite increasing the length of life in this digital age, modern life style has made our lives susceptible to many unforeseen health challenges. So quality of health is gained a paramount importance in everybody’s life. At Oxford Pharma, we have set our mission to improve quality of life of every individual with our high quality, cost-effective medicines.
Within short span of our operation, we have achieved excellence in production, marketing and our all products are on tips of tongue of all our doctors. Their continuous support by prescription support is the best testimonial that we have. Our marketing offices and C&F have also not lagged behind in their effort to achieve our marketing goal. With all these factors taken together, we shall definitely be among the top pharmaceutical companies in India.
Our Management takes the lead, sets short term and long term goals and demonstrates its commitment towards Quality by putting in practice what they preach. Our Quality personnel at each and every level are the guardians of Quality, Drug Safety and Regulatory Compliance. They willingly promote Quality awareness, assess performance for necessary improvement. We are committed to offering products and services to our customers by continuously listening to them, by understanding their expectations and consistently satisfying their needs and preferences.
Right now, we manufacture tablet, capsule, dry syrup and oral liquids (Syrup/suspension). We have advanced machines with huge daily capacities to support marketing efforts. We also have a specialized section to manufacture Betalactam antibiotic such as penicillin and cephalosporin derivatives. Our experienced and dedicated staff work day and night to ensure the desired production within stipulated time zone.
Quality is an inherent part of any productive activity. It is the quality that gives name and fame and an utmost importance is required to imbibe the quality in every endeveour. We have designed our own stringent quality standards beyond GMP requirements, right from raw material to final despatch of our products. At each and every process or act we follow Standard Operating Procedures, be it selection of raw material or packing of finished product. We have our own Q.C. Labs having HPLC facility for routine tests and get the testes done from government approved analytical laboratories as and when required. We have qualified staff keeping their vigilant eyes on each and every process to ensure high quality products. We also perform microbiological assays in our Q.C lab.
We apply stringent quality standard in our packing department to ensure our packing leak proof, break proof and pilfer proof. We have both experienced workers and automatic packing options to pack finished products of our different pharmaceutical formulations. We check every unit by different means before and after inner packing and outer packing of our products. We offer conventional and Alu-Alu packing facilities.
We maintain hygienic storage of raw materials, packing materials and finished products. We keep environmental controlled atmosphere in our storage area- free from dust, pollution and atmospheric changes.
Our factory is located in area of high transport density and hence dispatching of goods to different parts of the country is not a problem. We are in a Industrial estate having all transport facilities and easy access through road, rail or air.
We have sufficient spare capacity to provide production on Loan License or Third party basis. We assure you of our best prices and services to fulfill your requirement timely and satisfactorily.
We have our manufacturing unit in area with high greenery and natural atmosphere. We keep our factory area, its associated buildings such as Guard room, Generator room, Godown and surrounding hygienically clean with asthetic appearance.